Skills Database

Skills Database


This skill database was built to help those games that want students to gain abilities, strengths or power ups over time.

This sheet does not have nearly as many functions as the Gamification Control Center however it is much quicker to setup. The Skills Data Base has over 60 built in skills that students can gain and to get you started. However, the true power of this sheet is in its flexibility. You can make quick adjustments and fully personalize this sheet to your games needs.

To setup you will have to decide how many points it takes to level up, create what powers they earn when they do, and share it with the students via publishing the page with a simple button. This product comes with 60 skills already built in and ready for you to use. However, you have the power to change those and add your own creativity.

Start having your students’ level up through your curriculum!

Features include:

  • 60 Skill upgrades built in to get you rolling right from the start.

  • Fully cusomizable to fit your game.

  • Google Sheet that can be published so that students can see what powers they have.

  • Have up to 5 categories of skills with up to 100 skill levels within each category.

  • Very easy to use for the beginner with Gamification or Google Sheets

  • Be up and running in no time!

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