Signed Copy of Explore Like a Pirate

Signed Copy of Explore Like a Pirate


Get a signed, personalized copy of the book. When you are filling out the payment information section there is an additional information box if you could please put the names as you want them to appear in your book(s) that would be great.

You never know there might be a surprise in the book as well if you order from the Explore Like a Pirate store!

Twitter Comments:

Loving #xplap You have really challenged my thinking. So many possibilities for my lit courses ~ Brian Durst

Level up your class with #XPLAP! Just read this seminal book on #gamification to start by Mr. Matera! ~ Melissa Pilakowski

It’s 1 AM and I can’t put this book down! @mrmatera I can’t speak highly enough! #XPLAP#PirateLife ~ Mr. Wysong

I’m officially halfway thru #XPLAP book. So many ideas etc. Head is full. Stopping to digest what’s been read. Great, practical book. ~ Axel Gruen

Just finished Explore Like a Pirate: 5 stars. #gamification #xplap For gamer & non gamer teachers. ~ Justen Vanscoyoc

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