Mystery Box

Mystery Box


Mystery Box is a great review game that I discussed in Explore Like a Pirate. I thought about building out a cool digital version of the game for teachers to use within their classrooms. This game is very flexible, easy to use, and offers endless possibilities for creativity with your students.

The game is played in about 25 minutes (can be faster if you don’t finish all mystery boxes). You only need a screen to display the board, students DON’T need their own devices. You ask questions to a group, if correct they get to pick a mystery box to open and check for points. Pretty simple! But yet it solves some problems with other review games like jeopardy. With the points being random, the “smart” group might not always win. This keeps the excitement high and keeps everyone on their toes.

Additionally, I made this product, super easy to retheme! All you have to do is replace a few images and you can have a space themed mystery box or a pirate themed one.

The students love this one and so do I. It is easy to setup and fun to play. You can have a game going in no time with this product because you don’t have to pre write the questions out. This is a must grab for anyone looking to bring a splash of fun to their next review game.

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