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This Mega Pack has it all. This pack includes the ever popular “Control Center” to track XP, Gold, and Grades as well as several other tools that will have you making challenges in no time. The hours to develop these are countless. Please use these tools to hit the ground running with your gamified class. Most of these tools require you to use google as the teacher.

This Package includes the following sheets:

  • Digital Leaderboard & Gamification Control Center – $29.95

  • Skill Database & Point Tracker with PowerUps you can use right away. – 19.95

  • Gamified Test Calculator – 4.95

  • Vertical Group Score Tracker – 4.95

  • Trivia Database – 5.95

  • Badges/Item Template (apple Pages file) – Exclusive!

  • Super Grouper – Exclusive!

  • Gamified Standard Based Grading system – Free

Total Value: $60

While you won’t use all these to start with, it will be nice to have the flexibility. This will allow you to add different challenges quickly and easily.

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