Digital Leaderboard & Control Center

Digital Leaderboard & Control Center


Development of this (Google Sheet) spreadsheet took over 2000 hours of work. Save yourself time and just buy this one. Anyone can use this web based google spreadsheet from anywhere even if your school isn’t a Google School.

You can use this google spreadsheet that I have developed to calculate just about anything. Filled with complex formulas that do all the heavy lifting for you makes this a very user friendly product. With a master sheet that you import the students’ names and the rest is taken care for you. This spreadsheet is packed full of features and a video tutorials to further support these features. Don’t be scared off, you don’t have to use all of the features. They are built in so that as your game grows this tool will be able to handle its growth.

This product could be used to spice up one unit, a simulation or you could even create a year long game that students work toward with it. This spreadsheet will report out how well groups, classes and individual students are doing. You can embed this sheet on a page students can see. It will be a great motivator and a powerful aspect of your game.

Start having your students’ level up through your curriculum!

Features include:

  • Google form that will allow you to make changes and it will auto update the embedded sheet on your site.

  • Several Charts & Graphs that get automatically updated

  • Calculates XP totals, percentages and level earned

  • Calculates students total points, grade and # of missing assignments

  • Auto average feature: groups and classes can be compared due to the auto average feature. This makes your game fair. You have the ability to turn on or off.

  • ADDED Gradebook feature so that you can have your XP and grade updated on one sheet with no need to keep two grade books.

  • Missing work page that auto updates that can be shared with students.

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