Vegan Nacho Cheese Dip

Here is the basic recipe, but I usually double it or even triple it...  Man do I love this stuff... It taste so good and is just like the real thing. Hope you and your loved ones enjoy! Ingredients:

100g boiled potatoes (I use red) 50g Carrots (I used baby carrots) 50ml Oil that has little flavor (I use canola) 30ml Milk (I have used almond and real milk) 1 teaspoon garlic salt ( you can use garlic powder but then add salt at end) 1 TableSpoon ( Nutritional Yeast) 1  1/2 TableSpoon Tapioca Flour 1 TableSpoon Lemon Juice 1/3 of a Jalapeno pepper



  1. Boil Potatoes and Carrots together in a pot. When done put in blender with rest of ingredients and blend. Then serve!