The Book, The Site, and #XPlap

Welcome aboard and thanks for venturing into the world of game inspired course design with me. It is the goal of the book and this site to help make your transition into gamification easier. A great place to start on your adventure would be: Explore Like a Priate, it is written as a handy resource that will serve as a field guide for you. Another powerful tool that is a must is getting and staying connected. Please connect with the #XPlap community. Together, we share ideas, build better games, and engage our learners lesson after lesson. When you tweet out your ideas, powerful lessons, or just to ask for advice remember to add #XPlap. It is a wonderful group of educators that have already ventured into this new world before you and we are just waiting of you to explore for yourself.

It is my belief that as educators, we are all better together. Please reach out with your talents and share them with the group. Have a great mini game, go ahead and post a blog post about it and share it with our community. Have a neat item idea for your game, go ahead and tweet #XPLAP as I am sure someone will run with your idea. Together, we will build a powerful community of educators. Working  together we will develop engaging experiences for our students that will allow them to grow to their fullest potential.

I will continue to post anything and everything that I come across that will help on your journey.  The site and the hashtag is for the community of people wanting to make learning more playful as well as powerful. Topics will include: gamification, game based learning, and game inspired course design as well as others I am sure. Please stop by and add your thoughts. Check out the shop to order your copy of a signed copy of the book or check out Amazon. Additionally, the shop has tools that I have used over the years that help me gamify my class.

Remember, we are on the journey together. Say hi, introduce yourself... And most important, remember to enjoy every day.

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