Standard Based Grading Gamified and Googled!

on-target-with-learning-targetsIt doesn't matter if you call them Standard Based Grades, Learning Targets, or Educational Assessment Goals, they are a good idea. I happen to use the term learning target so for the rest of this post  I will refer to them as just that. As you can tell from the first sentence, this blog post isn't going to debate the value of learning targets. The goal of this post is simple; share a tool that I worked on over the last year to help me use learning targets in my classroom.  As a teacher who loves the power of gamification, and game inspired course design, it should come as no surprise that it is gamified. Although I must tell you that it is entirely optional if you want to use the gamifed components. This tool that I helped create was all done on Google Sheets. If you didn't know that is another passion of mine. They are crazy powerful and you can get them to do just about anything on them. I say helped develop because this project was a true collaboration. As more and more schools switch to being Google schools this project fits perfectly in many classrooms. Teachers who worked on the project:

John Orr

Kyle Pearce

Alice Keeler

David Griswold 

Michael Matera

Make sure to follow these excellent teachers on twitter as they are wonderful people filled with great ideas.


One thing that both gamification and Standard Based Grading (SBG) has in common is that timely and frequent feedback is key. Over the last two years I worked on how best to implement SBG in my class. As a lover of all things Google, it was only natural that I would work on this project. There are tons about this sheet that blow me away. Let's look at the features:

Crazy Powerful Sheet Features:

  • Personalized Student Dashboard
  • Full Fledged LMS functions that provide links to resources and reassessments
  • Weighted Standards
  • Builtin comment feature
  • Quick grade rubric function
  • Easy reporting
  • Tons of options to turn on/off to customize to your liking

The setup for this will take a bit of time, but over the course of a quarter it would more than pay for itself! Give it a shot! The spreadsheet is a powerful LMS, with features to comment to students, leave feedback on assignments, and provide links to activities. This is a totally new design and the one I use in my classroom. I will post a few video tutorials soon to help you get yours off the ground. But why wait? I think you should be able to walk through the steps yourself. So, why not just download and start today!

Each Learning Target comes with tons of options you can add. You can create links to resources for them to see and things that automaticly pop up if they score a 1,2,3, or 4. WOW!


Just below the shot above, here is where you can quickly input scores and comments.


Here is what a students sheet would look like. There are tons more options, but I think I should stop giving your photos.


Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 12.10.29 PM


You can assign badges to each of the learning targets that students can strive to earn.


Below, there is a link to make your own copy and a video tutorial discussing most of the features. Enjoy!

I would love to hear from you about how you are using SBG in your classroom! Please post a comment below and or on Twitter or our Facebook page.

Files Needed: You will need to go up to file and then down to make copy in order to put them in your Google Drive. You need to setup your SBG Master Sheet first and then your Student Learning Target sheet.

SBG Master Sheet (Teacher Grade Book)

Student Learning Target Sheet (Master Copy)