Convos on Assessment Part II: Standard Based Gradebook


Convos on Assessment Part 2

Topic: Assessment System for quick and informative feedback to students Time: 18 minutes

As someone who loves the topic of exploration, I mean come on I wrote the book Explore Like a Pirate. I love the idea of those early explorers setting out on a journey of 1000s of miles, uncertain of what they would find, and yet they went out into the wild anyways. I often think about how these navigators were guided by their own calculation of the stars. With the slightest miss calculation, stretched over 1000s of miles would lead to an entirely different destination. People's lives were at stake, their reputations were on the line, and a wondrous world was waiting to be discovered.

In our classes, the students are those explorers. They, as the explorers before them, have a destination in mind and must traverse 100's of days on a journey of understanding. As navigators, they can only guide themselves by instinct and the feedback from their teachers. With that said, it is very important that we give our students targeted and timely feedback. These are the stars that they navigate by in order to reach the destination. Just like the explorers in history, they will not know where they're headed without these stars.

This video walks through my Standard Based Grading grade book that really helps streamline the entire process of feedback to our students. It gives tons of options for the teacher to turn on or off. A few of the many features are:

  • Grade book
  • Individual student sheet that they see in order to receive feedback
  • Lighting imput options for teachers
  • Auto reassessment options
  • Default feedback available if you wish
  • LMS features built right in.
  • Toggle on or off more than 10 options.
  • Plus so many more options...

If you want your own copy get it now: Copy Files here

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