Game Review: Onitama

Welcome gamers and soon to be gamers to another game review and directions on Onitama is a great 2 player game that is quick and filled with strategy and fun choices. This game is quick to learn, but hard to master, which is something that can be said about some other great games like Chess, Cribbage, and dating.

Onitama is similar to chess, and I seriously hope I didn't lose anyone from this review by that statement... It is like chess, however, unlike chess this game is more approachable. Really, I am not kidding. Anyone could give this game a go and I am almost certain they would enjoy their time. Enough sitting around reading, hit the play button and find out for yourself if Onitama will be making an appearance in your classroom or home.

You can pick up a copy of Onitama here on Amazon.

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