Dare to Draw

I have often wondered what it would be like to be a good artist. Not being very good when I was young, I guess it is safe to say that I never really learned how to draw. Then one day, playing with my five-year-old, we loaded YouTube channel about drawing for children. The channel proved to be very helpful to both of us. It was amazing, we were able to draw with ease. The guy in the video always used a black Sharpe marker to do his drawings and a sheet of regular white printer paper. After making a few drawings, I realize these were just black outlines and they would be really easy to shade in on a computer. These easy steps helped me learn how to draw and it made the process both fun and exciting. You quickly started to see your picture come to life. With the merger of hand drawn and computer art together, I was able to create something truly unique.

After experiencing the learning process and seeing how easy these videos made it, it wasn't long till I started to dream up how I could use this with my students. My initial idea is to have the students create pictures of our units and then use software like Pixelmator to bring it to life. They will have fun with the combination of physically drawing and digital creations with this technique, and the sky is the limit to what they can create. Additionally, this was a fantastic afternoon with my daughter Mila. We had so much fun looking through the episodes and deciding what creation we would do next.

Below I am showing off some of the drawings I did with my daughter. I really am showing them off as I have never drawn so well before. First off you will see the drawing that I made by hand of an elephant, followed by the elephant filled in with a computer. This was really easy to accomplish, by using the paint bucket tool due to the black outlines of the elephant. Comment below on how we could use this in our classrooms and if you have a YouTube channel you like to learn how to draw from please share a link to that as well.

YouTube channels used:

Muffalo Patato - Drawing using numbers and letters only.

Cartooning 4 Kids


I have provided the two channels we used below: