Convos on Assessment Part III - Quick Written Assessment Tool!


Organized and Efficient

Topic: Big Brother Sheet to collect and grade written responses. Time : 12.5 minutes

This is a tool that I came up with to speed up my grading of short written responses from my students. You know how long it takes to grade 100 students, 1 paragapah response, in google classroom... too long! From clicking the assignment, then clicking and loading the students file, we are talking about over an hour of just clicking and loading, not to mention grading.

I knew there had to be a much quicker way! So I set out to develop just that. A wonderful teacher, Jason Strains (@jsteach84) and I came  up with the project title, Big Brother. Named for its quick and easy abilities to know what your students have done and how well they did it in a second flat. Take a look at this overview video to see if it is a tool that could find a home in your work flow. If you like it, there are setup directions that can be found in the copy of the Big Brother sheet. I'm really proud of this one and have seen it cut down on grade times significantly in our classes. Big Brother also works really well with the Standard Based Learning Target sheet I developed. Making reporting of these scores and feedback really simple.  I hope you enjoy!

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Copy of Big Brother sheet