Adventure Path - Building confidence through challenge based learning.

Time: 17 min

I'm so excited to release this video on adventure paths. First off, I am sorry about the 17 minute length of this video, it was fun to shoot and it is a topic I truly love talking about. The idea behind adventure paths are that in each unit there is a space for students to challenge themselves and attempt to explore the unknown. Over the years, adventure paths have provided my students with many opportunities that they would not have taken otherwise. It is a space that students can take educational risks, learn new techniques, and grow as an individual.

I really love thinking of new ways to run an adventure path with my class. Building these, and watching students worth through them have truly been a highlight in my teaching. Seeing students tackle challenges and feel empowered is something that gets me to just want to make more of them. Why don't you give it a try?

Watch the video and start creating one for your next unit. This video is the first video on adventure paths, I am sure I will do another.

Please comment below with your thoughts and ideas on adventure paths. I would love to hear from you all!