9 Tips for Pages software for the classroom...

Tools Tips and Tricks: Pages Software for the Gamified Classroom

Topic: 9 Tips for pages to help you design, build and engage students. Time: 23 minutes

First, let me say this video is a bit longer (ok, 4X my last post) but there is a reason. This one includes a tutorial to get you up and working with Pages right away. Pages is a great software tool that often doesn't get used to the fullest by busy teachers. Just take the time to watch this video and you will increase your design possibilities for your gamified classroom.

I use pages almost everyday in my classroom for everything I design for my class. It could be the layout for a test, a poster I want to put up for kids in the hall, or to design all my badges and items. Even if you aren't going to be gamifying anytime soon, these 9 tips will have you acting like a Pages Pro in no time at all.

Dive right in and start exploring the video. Don't forget to leave a comment, retweet and share so that we all my become better together.

Want to skip ahead to a tip? Here are the timestamps for them:

Tip 1: 1:55 Tip 2: 3:15 Tip 3: 5:34 Tip 4: 7:23 Tip 5: 10:18 Tip 6: 14:55 Tip 7: 17:00 Tip 8: 18:41 Tip 9: 21:03