SBG Spreadsheet Collaboration! Gamified!

Ok, so over the years I have had tons of conversations with educators about the topic of Standard Based Grading or SBG. The topic intrigues me and something I decided I would forge ahead with this year. A natural first place for me to start was with Google Sheets… Wait what? Yeah, if you know me then you know I use sheets for just about anything. Look around here and you will find many examples of ways in which I use Google sheets within my class. Before I went off to build my own sheet I did some digging around and found some great educators who already had been making headway on the idea of making a SBG Google sheet.

The collaboration includes these four fabulous teachers:

John Orr

Kyle Pearce

Alice Keeler

David Griswold 

All of these guys and myself spent time coding, thinking and building the most user friendly and most importantly, efficient standard based grading sheet I know. It is our hope that you take these sheets, use them, add to them if you can and let us know what you think. I can’t help but see the true power of a strong PLN. This unstructured, collaboration only came about because we shared what we were doing together.

This spreadsheet is a powerful LMS, or learning management system, with features to comment to each student, leave feed back per assignment, and even provide links to activities for your course. Below, there is a link to make your own copy and a video tutorial discussing most of the features. Enjoy!

Please let’s us hear from you about how you are using SBG in your classroom! Might this SBG sheet help you!

VERSION1: Make a copy of SBG – Basic

VERSION 2: Make copies of SBG v2. 0 – Purpose Driven Leaning

VERSION 3: Make copies of SBG – Student goals.


Video Tutorial: Version 1

Most of this video will work for latest version.








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