Super Grouper 3.0


The super grouper is another spreadsheet project completed in collaboration with my good teaching partner and friend Jason Strains, @jsteach84. Together we come up with all sorts of cool spreadsheet projects. We thought we would update our first project we worked on together, the Super Grouper. This is not an ordinary grouping software. We built in many nice features for teachers who are crunched for time like yourselves. Go ahead and grab a copy of the super grouper and you will be saving time left and right.

The Grouper will allow for you to create groups while applying a filter to the groups. Example, say you have 20 kids, 10 girls and 10 boys. You want to create 5 groups of 4. With the filter, you can assign a number, lets say 1 to the girls and 2 the boys. The Grouper will then make groups splitting up the girls and boys evenly. Cool, right. That’s not all the super group does. I mean come on right, I can’t call it the super grouper if that is all it does. You can use as many filters as you want. Take the last example, girls and boys. Let’s say you also have several students who shouldn’t be together as well as wanting to split the girls and boys evenly. You can just assign another number to those who should be separated. So you would have girls 1, boys 2 and 3’s go to those few students who can’t work together. Now that is powerful.


The new grouper also allows you to place students in like groups. So for example, instead of girls and boys, lets say you have a math class. Some of the kids are ready to move on to the next topic, others need more help on this topic, and some still need work on the last topic. You can now label students 1, 2, and 3 for those three types of students. Then select the grouper to make groups with similar numbers together. Then it will create groups out of those numbers. This would keep the ones together and split them only up into other #1 groups.

The Super Grouper has saved me so much time over the few years I have used it. I would hope you would consider picking up this great addition to your classroom management. Please post a comment below letting us know what you think of the grouper and if it has helped you.


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