#GAFE Magic Part 5: Postmaster Plus Mail Merge for All


Postmaster Plus:

This is one of the coolest spreadsheet tools to help streamline your efficiency. For this tool you to work you will need to install Yet Another Mail Merge Add-on into your Google sheets.  With this sheet and the mail merge add-on you will be writing personalized emails in no time at all.

You can send just about any info you can think of to your students, parents, and clubs just to name a few. This is built so that you can filter the students by class or adviser. You can send emails to parents or students. With this easy to use tool you should be up and running in no time. Watch the video or follow the directions given on the sheet.

Happy emailing and check out our other Google tools.

Download Link:

Download here

You will not have the ability to edit, so you will need to sign into your Google and then make a copy.

Other Tools:

Big Brother

Super Grouper

Fast Formative


Video Tutorial:



  1. We use Yet Another Mail Merge weekly to send intervention time assignments to students.  Love it!

    • I love that add-on for Google. I am really happy with how this sheet turned out. I think this would help just about every teacher be more efficient with their time. Please pass it along to others.

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