ISACS 2013 – The multiplayer classroom.

Attending a conference outside your content, sorry WCSS and NCSS, is a powerful learning experience. Attending this conference I learned so many diverse thoughts that help shape me as an educator. I attended sessions by Ian Jukes, @ijukes, titled Disruptive Innovation which blew my mind. His main point was centered around making school more relevant to the world today. He has several books, one which I picked up, that are really good reads and point to the kind of change we need to be looking toward.

I also co-presented for the first time with Mrs. Fultz, @USMFUltz, which was great. The two of us did a great job teaching about the history and the game concepts and mechanics. These ideas were powerful to the crowd. They seemed ready and willing to design their course work as a game. Thanks to all who attended.

I look forward to learning more and sharing what I learn on this blog or on or twitter.

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