Edcamp Milwaukee… Home Town Fun!





I was really excited by Edcamp Milwaukee. It was awesome to have an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with fellow teachers in the area. I saw many people from previous Edcamps, faces from the Edcamp Madison and Edcamp Chicago were there and I strengthened my connections with in my  PLN. Yeah Edcamp!

As for me, I presented on the topic of Gamification during the first session of the conference.  Attendance was good, the people were motivated to try gamification in their classrooms. It is a topic I am passionate about and love to share with others. I would love to hear from anyone who is considering making the jump. As with most things I encouraged them to start small, a day, a lesson, or a unit before jumping into a year-long story line as I have done. Gamification changes the way students view of the classroom. I shared tips, tricks, and resources for teachers who are thinking about starting to create the gamified classroom. I will continue to present on this topic. I hope to create a larger educational community around the topic of gamification with the hope that we all can learn from each other.

Take care… and thanks Edcamp Milwaukee for the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people.





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