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edcampchiOn April 27, 2013 I went to my second Edcamp. The camp was another awesome professional development experience. I attended some great sessions and met some wonderful people. I wrote a post on my favorite session on Classroom Hacks found here. At Edcamp Chicago I presented about Gamification. Gamification, which means to use the most motivational aspects of games in other areas, is a passion of mine since I started using it last year. We discussed the use of game concepts in the classroom. We discussed ways to build your own game and possible themes to use within their own classroom.

The teachers who attended my session are clearly game changers. Interested in increasing students motivation and independent learning. They asked great questions, many on how to get started. We broke down the pros and cons of Gamification. Teachers left with ideas, resources, and a passion that will drive them to create a wonderful world for students.

I find Edcamps an excellent form of professional development. Meeting other teachers, excited and passionate, gives you get new ideas, contacts and resources for your classroom. I get very excited and motivated by working with these “game changers” in education. Consider coming to an Edcamp in your local area. They are free, fun, and fantastic!

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