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My presentations at WCSS this year will be somewhat of a repeat of last year. I will be presenting twice. One on the Exchange of Ideas and the other on Gamification: The multiplayer classroom.

Exchange of Ideas: Monday 17th
US History: 10:40 – 11:30
World History: 2:25 – 3:15

I will co-facilitate two discussion about what works in classrooms. Topics are US History & World History.  Attendees will be building a database of successful ideas, lessons, and units. You can add to the Exchange at WCSS or after by clicking the links below. No idea is to small or grand. Please join in the conversation.

Exchange of ideas forum <—— Please add your ideas here!

The Exchange <—– The collection of many great ideas by real educators in the classroom.


Multi-player Classroom: Monday 17th 2013 1:25-2:15

Session will begin by hacking into the Gamification Training Center GTC… Begin the adventure

Gamification is applying the most motivational aspects of games in other walks of life. This session will share the core principles of gamification and how to use them in your classroom. Attendees will learn different approaches and find one that will suit them. I will be sharing how I have set up my gamified class room called the Realm of Nobels. You can read more by looking at Gamification Getting Started post.

Topics Covered:

  • General Overview
  • Grading with Gamification
  • Theme
  • Status
    • Privileges
    • Badges
    • Items
    • Leader board
  • Scope of gamification
  • Lessons learned from my first gamified year.


WCSS Lessons Learned:

WCSS conferences are always interesting. It is a place where I get inspired by other dedicated Social Studies teachers. I learn about creative projects, exciting tools, and innovative ideas. All of the ideas are useable in my classroom the next week.  I look forward to presenting and networking at the conference. Please consider attending one or all of my sessions and introduce yourself. I am always looking for more people to add to my Professional Learning Network.

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