Exchanging Ideas – A Window for Engaging Social Studies

My colleague, Chuck Taft and I will be presenting at NCSS. The presentation, Exchanging Ideas – A Window for Engaging Social Studies. will be more of an exchange rather than a traditional, stand in the front and talk, presentation. This idea came from years of attending this conference and finding the best presentations to attend were the ones that were fellow teachers presenting what works. What works, a simple yet effective idea that is a vanishing presentation at conferences. Conferences today are filled with paid corporate sponsors selling a program or Phd candidates finishing their program. These people mean well, however, the truly great presentations should come from the people I am sitting next to at the conferences. They should come from people like you and me.

Here is our chance to talk shop with fellow history teachers. This exchange will be a chance for us to share our best lessons, assessments, and general teaching ideas. Chuck and I will be creating a google doc that will keep all these wonderful ideas in one place. I have encouraged people in my previous post to take the conference challenge and I know this session could help anyone met that challenge.

Please come to the session ready to share your ideas. We will start off asking you to think of your best three lessons, something you think you could sell ticket and people would still show up. The bar has been set high for you. Come ready to help build the history exchange. With all the talent in the seats at NCSS I am really excited to see what comes from this session.

I hope to see you there.

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