abc Calls On The Class! is a new social networking site in the overcrowded marketplace dominated by Twitter & Facebook.  What could this new service offer? has done the imposable, it created something new and refreshing.’s network revolves around texting and can be done over cell phones, email, or a web account. Networks, or “Cells” are created by you; I have made a Cell for each of my classes as well as for clubs & a parent cell. After you have created your cells you must get your students or users into them. This is easily accomplished through the quick online registration or the quicker texting method. Students can text to 23559, the number, and in the body of the text they write @YOURCELLNAMEHERE. Then follow the easy prompts that follow.

I have just started using and have been swept up in its powerful uses in the classroom. Examples of my first few uses:

  • Split class in two: Half had conversation and half talked aloud. Students loved this one. See video and discussion example below.
  • During video, interacted with students by asking questions during video.
  • Took quick polls in class discussions ( lets you send polls, Cool.)

Here is a video of my class discussion… Quick explanation of what you will see. Two circles of students, an inner one and an outer one. The outer circle was conducting the entire discussion over The center circle,  a small group able to talk in a free flowing discussion on the questions asked. I had open on my ipad and watched/encouraged students in there discussion as well as listened to the inner circle and what was happening with them. It was a great day. I could not believe that I was getting a 100% participation from my students and they were all on task making incredible points all day. Video example from our discussion today:












I am excited to use and will continue to think of new uses.

Here is some of the feedback from the students about that online discussion in the class:

  • “This is really fun and interesting we should do it again. It makes people be silent but we still get to talk it helps us express what we want to say without talking and it’s great for people who are really shy.”
  • “favvvo”
  • “Love this”
  • “Great Activity”
  • “I loved this new way of discussion”
  • “I liked this kind of discussion, Coach Matera is fun and enthusiastic”
  • “I loved it mr matatera that was fun”


I really encourage you all to give a try, it could change the very way you call on your students.

As always feel free to contact me about this article. I am always available to talk shop with other educators.

Twitter: @mrmatera

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