Multiplayer Classroom: Designing Course Work as a Game.

A multiplayer world. XP. Quests. Mobs. Dungeons. Guilds. A massively multiplayer online game? No. A classroom near you, where students learn by playing; where they teach themselves. Play along. Learn how.

Inspired by Lee Sheldon’s book about the multiplayer classroom, this session will show you the power that this teaching style has to offer. Use the multiplayer classroom for a unit or an entire course, either way, it will unlock your students potential.

In this session you will leave with ideas of how to run your multiplayer classroom and time to generate some ideas of your own. Presenter, Michael Matera, is new to this style as well with his course only in “beta testing” plans to offer you all that he has learned on the subject. Come, listen, learn, and even play.

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